Mobile-IPM for Control of Insects, Weeds, and Diseases

Available on iTunes and Google Play in May 2017.

Created by: Sharanowski, B.J., Dal Molin, A., Bass, A., Cattani, D., Kruger Fernandes, P., Gavloski, J., Gulden, R., Irwin, L. Joyce, J., Leeson, J., McKay, K., Meers, S., Morales, S., Olfert, O., Otani, J., Peixoto, L., Svendsen, E., Turkington, K., and Weiss, R., (2016).

About the app

Mobile Integrated Pest Management (Mobile-IPM) is a comprehensive tool to help Canadian farmers identify crop pests and implement effective IPM strategies. We focus on the major Canadian crops such as oilseeds, cereals, and pulses. Our goal is to help farmers avoid unnecessary pesticide treatments to minimize negative effects to the ecosystem, preserve pollinators and beneficial organisms, and minimize economic damage and maximize profits.

There are three interacting components to the app:

1. An interactive identification tool for crop pests (insects, weeds, and diseases)
2. A real-time pest monitoring and forecasting tool
3. A crop management tool

This app will be free for use and available for Android and iOS. We aim to have an official release in May 2017.


Quick, convenient access to information is a powerful tool to make the best management decisions for your crop.

Mobile-IPM will help you identify insects, weeds, and diseases, offer you up to date pest risk maps, and let you keep comprehensive field records. Additionally, each pest has detailed information on its biology and management, including economic injury levels and registered pesticides.

Mobile-IPM was created to open more lines of communication between all people involved in successful farming, including growers, agronomists, researchers, ag extension agencies and government agencies in the Canadian Prairies.


Pest Identification

User-friendly, well-illustrated tools to identify insects, weeds, and diseases of the major Canadian field crops. Pick characteristics you can easily see and get answers. Snap a picture. If still not sure, ask for help from your extension agent in your province.

Monitoring and Forecasting

Real-time monitoring and forecasting updated based on pest counts from across your province. Currently bertha armyworm is being monitored with additional pests to be added soon.

Crop Management

Use your cell phone to help keep track of all of your fields and storage. Save your decisions, crop variety and seeding rates, seeding and harvest dates, crop protection history, crop rotation and pesticide history and more. Keep records for future reference.


* Works for specialists and non-specialists
* Easy access to IPM information and recommendations
* Get official information at hand, as it is vouched and generated by university and government researchers and provincial extension agents
* Receive push notifications on emerging pests


How much will it cost?
The app is free for download.

Which mobile phones will it be available for?
The app will be available for iOS and Android. It is also web-based and will work through the web on blackberrys.

I don't work or live in Canada. Can I still test the app?
Once it is officially released in May 2017, it may be downloaded by anyone

Who can I contact for further information?
Please contact Dr. Barb Sharanowski - barb DOT sharanowski AT



With generous support from

AAFC WesternGrains University of Manitoba